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Industry 4.0: state of the art and future trends
Rapid advances in industrialisation and informatisation methods have spurred tremendous progress in developing the next generation of manufacturing technology. Today, we are on the cusp of the FourthExpand
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The Relationship Between Product Market Competition and Capital Structure in Chinese Listed Firms
Financial and industrial economists have increasingly recognized the interaction between product market competition and financing decisions of firms. This paper analyzes the relationship betweenExpand
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Assessing the relational benefits of logistics services perceived by manufacturers in supply chain
The growing importance of logistics activities that span the boundaries of supply chain firms has put an emphasis on supply chain relationship management. Based on the existing marketing concept onExpand
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Channel coordination with a loss-averse retailer and option contracts
We investigate a one-period two-echelon supply chain composed of a risk-neutral supplier that produces short life-cycle products and a loss-averse retailer that orders from the supplier via optionExpand
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Analysing relational benefits in e‐business environment from behavioural perspective
This paper explores relational benefits from Chinese customer's behavioural perspective, which is a valuable addition to the existing literature that focuses on the western cultural background. TheExpand
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TQM—A predecessor of ERP implementation
Is total quality management (TQM) a predecessor of enterprise resource planning systems (ERP) implementation? This question draws a lot of interest from business managers. Many firms intend toExpand
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Ensuring supply chain quality performance through applying the SCOR model
The objective of adopting quality standards such as ISO 9000 series is to help companies develop and maintain supply chain processes that meet certain performance metrics, such as those provided byExpand
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A Postmodern Perspective on Current Curriculum Reform in China
This article examines the curriculum reform of basic education in China from 2001 to 2008. We first discuss postmodern features of the social background in which the curriculum reform movement takesExpand
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Manufacturer's pricing strategy for supply chain with warranty period-dependent demand
This article presents a review of the issues associated with a manufacturer's pricing strategies in a two-echelon supply chain that comprises one manufacturer and two competing retailers, withExpand
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Performing Bribery in China: guanxi-practice, corruption with a human face
  • L. Li
  • Economics
  • 1 January 2011
Unlike most current academic studies on corruption in China, which focus on the theme of how political, economic and social environments have caused corruption at the macro-level, this paper takes aExpand
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