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Regulation of TORC1 by Rag GTPases in nutrient response
TORC1 (target of rapamycin complex 1) has a crucial role in the regulation of cell growth and size. A wide range of signals, including amino acids, is known to activate TORC1. Here, we report theExpand
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First identification of the hepatotoxic microcystins in the serum of a chronically exposed human population together with indication of hepatocellular damage.
Hepatotoxic microcystins (MCs) are the most commonly reported cyanotoxins in eutrophic freshwaters. In 1996, human intoxications by MCs caused deaths of 76 patients at Caruaru dialysis centers inExpand
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Organ distribution and bioaccumulation of microcystins in freshwater fish at different trophic levels from the eutrophic Lake Chaohu, China
This article reports the organ distribution and bioaccumulation of hepatotoxic microcystins (MCs) in freshwater fishes at different trophic levels from the large, shallow, eutrophic Lake Chaohu inExpand
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Phenolic acids in wheat varieties in the HEALTHGRAIN Diversity Screen.
The amounts and compositions of free, conjugated, bound, and total phenolic acids were determined in 175 samples of wheat flour grown on a single site in 2005. The highest contents of total phenolicExpand
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Insulator function and topological domain border strength scale with architectural protein occupancy
BackgroundChromosome conformation capture studies suggest that eukaryotic genomes are organized into structures called topologically associating domains. The borders of these domains are highlyExpand
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Overexpression of polyphenol oxidase in transgenic tomato plants results in enhanced bacterial disease resistance
Abstract. Polyphenol oxidases (PPOs; EC or EC catalyzing the oxygen-dependent oxidation of phenols to quinones are ubiquitous among angiosperms and assumed to be involved in plantExpand
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Ngari Virus Is a Bunyamwera Virus Reassortant That Can Be Associated with Large Outbreaks of Hemorrhagic Fever in Africa
ABSTRACT Two isolates of a virus of the genus Orthobunyavirus (family Bunyaviridae) were obtained from hemorrhagic fever cases during a large disease outbreak in East Africa in 1997 and 1998.Expand
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The Purple Cauliflower Arises from Activation of a MYB Transcription Factor1[W][OA]
Anthocyanins are responsible for the color of many flowers, fruits, and vegetables. An interesting and unique Purple (Pr) gene mutation in cauliflower (Brassica oleracea var botrytis) confers anExpand
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AFLP-Based Genetic Linkage Maps of the Pacific Oyster Crassostrea gigas Thunberg
Amplified fragment length polymorphisms (AFLPs) were used for genome mapping in the Pacific oyster Crassostrea gigas Thunberg. Seventeen selected primer combinations produced 1106 peaks, of which 384Expand
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Myocardial infarction and apoptosis after myocardial ischemia and reperfusion: role of the terminal complement components and inhibition by anti-C5 therapy.
BACKGROUND Myocardial ischemia and reperfusion (MI/R)-induced tissue injury involves necrosis and apoptosis. However, the precise contribution of apoptosis to cell death, as well as the mechanism ofExpand
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