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Global review and synthesis of trends in observed terrestrial near-surface wind speeds; implications for evaporation
Summary In a globally warming climate, observed rates of atmospheric evaporative demand have declined over recent decades. Several recent studies have shown that declining rates of evaporative demandExpand
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The role of swash infiltration in determining the beachface gradient: a numerical study
On sand and gravel beaches, the increase of the gradient of the beachface with increasing sediment size has been attributed to swash infiltration. The present study uses a process-based numericalExpand
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Assessing the accuracy of blending Landsat–MODIS surface reflectances in two landscapes with contrasting spatial and temporal dynamics: A framework for algorithm selection
We evaluated the accuracy of two advanced blending algorithms (STARFM and ESTARFM) and two simple benchmarking algorithms in two landscapes with contrasting spatial and temporal variances, and proposed a framework for selecting blending algorithms based on partitioning variance into the spatial, temporal, and spatial components. Expand
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Modelling the impact of afforestation on average annual streamflow in the Loess Plateau, China
To prevent severe soil erosion and to ensure sustainable development, the Chinese Central Government mandated in 1999 that forest cover would be significantly increased in the Loess Plateau, China.Expand
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Numerical modelling of tide-induced beach water table fluctuations
Field studies have shown that the elevation of the beach groundwater table varies with the tide and such variations affect significantly beach erosion or accretion. In this paper, we present a BEMExpand
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Aerosol single scattering albedo affected by chemical composition: An investigation using CRDS combined with MARGA
Abstract This work describes a field measurement of the aerosol optical properties and water-soluble inorganic (WSI) ion concentrations in aerosols at 1 h resolution from 2 April to 5 May 2010 inExpand
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Wave-induced beach groundwater flow
Wave-induced beach groundwater flow has been linked to sediment transport in the near-shore zone and chemical transfer from the aquifer to the ocean. The flow dynamics, however, are notExpand
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Field effect mobility model in organic thin film transistor
An analytical model is presented here for the field effect mobility in organic thin-film transistors. It is developed rigorously using the variable range hopping theory, the Gaussian density ofExpand
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Mass transfer in soils with local stratification of hydraulic conductivity
The two-region model was developed originally to describe nonsorbing chemical transport in soils with dead-end pores based on the concept of mobile and immobile regions in the soil. It has been shownExpand
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Analytical solution for tidal propagation in a coupled semi-confined/phreatic coastal aquifer
An analytical solution is derived for tidal fluctuations in a coupled coastal aquifer system consisting of a semi-confined aquifer, a thin semi-permeable layer and a phreatic aquifer. Based on theExpand
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