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A stable iterative downward continuation of potential field data
Abstract Downward continuation is a useful tool in the processing of potential field data, which can effectively enhance weak anomalies and identify overlap anomalies, but we all know that theExpand
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Determining the Bravais lattice using a single electron backscatter diffraction pattern
The ab initio derivation of the Bravais lattice from the Kikuchi bands detected from a single electron backscatter diffraction (EBSD) pattern is successfully performed. The as-measured band widthsExpand
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Effects of crop species richness on the community of soil nematodes in an experimental agro-ecosystem
Biodiversity losses in terrestrial ecosystems may negatively affect the functioning of underground ecosystems, especially in trophic interaction networks. These effects have mainly been found inExpand
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Interfacial properties and electronic structure of β-SiC(111)/α-Ti(0001): A first principle study
First-principles calculations of β-SiC(111)/α-Ti(0001) interface have been performed and the adhesion strength, interface energy, interfacial fracture toughness, and electronic structure areExpand
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Balanced horizontal derivative of potential field data to recognize the edges and estimate location parameters of the source
Abstract Edge detection is a common task in the interpretation of potential field data, and many edge detection filters are presented to accomplish this task, which are the functions composed by theExpand
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Tracing origins of uranium ore concentrates (UOCs) by multidimensional statistical analysis of rare-earth impurities
Identifying the origins of uranium ore concentrates (UOCs) has become a research hotspot in nuclear forensics. In the present study, a novel approach using the REE data of uranium ores instead of UOCExpand
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Cross Coupling of Arylboronic Acids with Imidazoles by Sulfonatocopper(II)(salen) Complex in Water
A mild and clean protocol for the cross coupling reactions between imidazoles and arylboronic acids has been developed in good to excellent yields up to 98% in the presence ofExpand
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Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Interfacial Sliding in Carbon‐Nanotube/Diamond Nanocomposites
Molecular dynamics simulations are reported for the pullout force and interfacial friction of single-and multiwall carbon nanotubes (CNT) with interwall sp(3) bonds embedded in a diamond matrix. TheExpand
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An Immunochromatographic Lateral Flow Strip Test for the Rapid Detection of Danofloxacin in Milk
An immunochromatographic lateral flow strip test (ILFST) for the rapid detection of danofloxacin (DAN) in milk samples was developed based on colloidal gold-labeled anti-DAN monoclonal antibody 3E9Expand
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