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Electron counting statistics and coherent states of electric current
A theory of electron counting statistics in quantum transport is presented. It involves an idealized scheme of current measurement using a spin 1/2 coupled to the current so that it precesses at theExpand
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Laplacian growth as one-dimensional turbulence
Abstract A new model of Laplacian stochastic growth is formulated using conformal mappings. The model describes two growth regimes, stable and turbulent, separated by a sharp phase transition. TheExpand
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Hot carrier transport and photocurrent response in graphene.
Strong electron-electron interactions in graphene are expected to result in multiple-excitation generation by the absorption of a single photon. We show that the impact of carrier multiplication onExpand
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Hot Carrier–Assisted Intrinsic Photoresponse in Graphene
Photoexcited electrons in graphene remain thermally excited because they cannot transfer this energy to lattice vibrations. We report on the intrinsic optoelectronic response of high-qualityExpand
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Charge distribution in quantum shot noise
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Disorder-assisted electron-phonon scattering and cooling pathways in graphene.
We predict that graphene is a unique system where disorder-assisted scattering (supercollisions) dominates electron-lattice cooling over a wide range of temperatures, up to room temperature. This isExpand
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Photoexcitation cascade and multiple hot carrier generation in graphene
For many optoelectronic applications, such as photodetection and light harvesting, it is highly desirable to identify materials in which an absorbed photon is efficiently converted to electronicExpand
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Giant Nonlocality Near the Dirac Point in Graphene
Unusual transport in graphene may be a consequence of the propagation of long-range charge-neutral currents. Transport measurements have been a powerful tool for discovering electronic phenomena inExpand
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Creating and probing electron whispering-gallery modes in graphene
A circular route to confine electrons Physical barriers are used to confine waves. Whether it is harbor walls for sea waves, a glass disk for light, or the “whispering gallery” circular chamber wallsExpand
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Minimal excitation states of electrons in one-dimensional wires.
A strategy is proposed to excite particles from a Fermi sea in a noise-free fashion by electromagnetic pulses with realistic parameters. We show that by using quantized pulses of simple form one canExpand
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