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DSC annealing study of microphase separation and multiple endothermic behavior in polyether-based polyurethane block copolymers
Copolymeres segmentes a base de polyoxypropylene contenant 30,4% en poids d'oxyde d'ethylene
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Small-angle scattering analysis of hard-microdomain structure and microphase mixing in polyurethane elastomers
The microdomain structure of a series of segmented polyurethane block copolymers is characterized by small-angle x-ray and neutron scattering analyses. The materials contain hard segments formed fromExpand
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Surface preparation and characterization of indium tin oxide substrates for organic electroluminescent devices
The cleanliness of indium tin oxide (ITO) sub- strates used in organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs) is in- vestigated by contact angle measurement and by X-ray pho- toemission spectroscopy (XPS). ItExpand
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Compression-molded polyurethane block copolymers. 2. Evaluation of microphase compositions
Abstract : This paper presents methods to estimate the microphase compositions in polyurethane segmented block copolymers based upon combined analyses by small-angle x-ray scattering and differentialExpand
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Compression-molded polyurethane block copolymers. 1. Microdomain morphology and thermomechanical properties
The microdomain structure and thermomechanical properties of a series of comprsssion-molded segmented polyurethane block copolgmers are investigated as a function of hard-segment content. TheExpand
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Preparation of Narrowly Distributed Stable and Soluble Polyacetylene Block Copolymer Nanoparticles
Forty years ago, polyacetylene (PA) as a black powder was first discovered by Natta et al. 1 Twenty years later, Chiang et al.2 found that the doped PA film had a conductivity close to metal. As aExpand
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LASERS, OPTICS, AND OPTOELECTRONICS 1933 Temperature and polarization dependence of LiNbO3 quasiphase-matched wavelength converters
Temperature and polarization characteristics of 1.55-μm-band LiNbO3 quasiphase-matched (QPM) wavelength converters have been studied by second-harmonic generation (SHG). It is found that the shift ofExpand
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Synthesis and characterization of highly soluble blue emitting poly(2-vinylanthracene) with 9,10-di(2-naphthalenyl) and 9,10-di(3-quinolinyl) substituents
Abstract Two new blue fluorescent polymers, poly(9,10-di(2-naphthalenyl)-2-vinylanthracene) (P(2ADN)) and poly(9,10-di(3-quinolinyl)-2-vinylanthracene) (P(3ADQ)), were polymerized from free radicalExpand
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A single red InGaN-based light-emitting diode with a europium (III) ternary complex as mono-phosphor.
A novel europium (III) ternary complex, Eu(TPBDTFA)(3)Phen, was designed and synthesized. Photoluminescence measurements show that the energy absorbed by the organic ligands was efficientlyExpand
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