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Code and Other Laws of Cyberspace
From the Publisher: Should cyberspace be regulated? How can it be done? It's a cherished belief of techies and net denizens everywhere that cyberspace is fundamentally impossible to regulate.Expand
Free Culture: How Big Media Uses Technology and the Law to Lock Down Culture and Control Creativity
espanolEl presente texto publicado en la Zona REMIX de la revista Communiars se corresponde con la introduccion del afamado libro Cultura Libre, del profesor Lawrence Lessig, presidente de laExpand
Remix: Making Art and Commerce Thrive in the Hybrid Economy
Introduction Part One: Cultures (Cultures of Our Past Culture of Our Future RO, Extended RW, Revived Cultures Compared) Part Two: Economies (Two Economies: Commercial and Sharing Hybrid EconomiesExpand
The future of ideas - the fate of the commons in a connected world
  • L. Lessig
  • Computer Science, Engineering
  • 1 February 2002
In The Future of Ideas, Lawrence Lessig explains how the Internet revolution has produced a counterrevolution of devastating power and effect, transforming it from an open forum for ideas into nothing more than cable television on speed. Expand
Code - version 2.0
Web Privacy with P3p
This chapter discusses the development of the P3P Specification, which aims to provide a simple, scalable, and efficient way to develop and manage privacy policies for mobile devices. Expand
The Future of Ideas
Free culture - the nature and future of creativity
  • L. Lessig
  • Engineering, Computer Science
  • 29 May 2008
To lose the authors' long tradition of free culture, Lawrence Lessig shows, is to lose their freedom to create, the freedom to build, and, ultimately, their freedom to imagine. Expand
The Law of the Horse: What Cyberlaw Might Teach
A few years ago, at a conference on the “Law of Cyberspace” held at the University of Chicago, Judge Frank Easterbrook told the assembled listeners, a room packed with “cyberlaw” devotees (andExpand