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Regional and international comparison in utilization of antidiabetic drugs.
Data are expressed in the comparable manner through the method of defined daily doses (DDD), which has been adopted for drugs in our country according to the internationally agreed method of drugExpand
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[Prolactin secretion in hyperthyroid individuals].
Several endocrine and metabolic changes occur in hyperthyroidism, among which also changes in prolactin secretion are present. Causes are numerous. However, a decreased content of prolactin inExpand
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[Effect of smoking on lipoprotein metabolism].
INTRODUCTION Recent aspects concerning effects of smoking on lipoprotein metabolism are presented as well as their harmful effects on blood vessels. It has been proved that smoking stimulatesExpand
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Red blood cell deformability in diabetes mellitus: effect of phytomenadione.
Decreased deformability of red blood cells (RBC) in diabetes mellitus (DM) is considered to be linked to microcirculatory complications in this condition. As we found that phytomenadione increasedExpand
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[Kallmann's syndrome].
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[Drug therapy of obesity--results of treatment with dexfenfluramine].
The paper presents the results of treatment in 22 obese persons with hypoenergetical nutrition of 4200 kJ with the simultaneous application of dexfenfluoramine in the daily dose of 30 mg in theExpand
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[Hypophyseal pseudomacroadenoma in primary hypothyroidism--2 case reports].
Primary hypothyroidism is often accompanied with hyperprolactinemia and if the untreated disease persists longer hypophyseal adenoma consisting of thyreotropic cells might develop. On the other hand,Expand
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[The metabolic X syndrome--4 case reports].
The study reviews current knowledge about metabolic X syndrome characterized by android obesity, arterial hypertension, insulin resistance with hyperinsulinemia and disturbed carbohydrate tolerance,Expand
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