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A framework for OTSMTRIZ-based computer support to be used in complex problem management
After a short presentation of ARIZ and mainstream TRIZ software, complementary paradigms for inventive problem solving developed through OTSM are presented. Description of the framework for OTSMExpand
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Comparative tribological study of chromium coatings with different specific hardness
Abstract The wear resistance in dry friction of two electrolytic and two PVD hard chromium coatings deposited on construction steel substrates is studied by means of standard pin-on-disc andExpand
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Improvement of the wear resistance of 316L stainless steel by laser surface alloying
Abstract In order to improve the sliding wear resistance of stainless steel components, carbide-hardened surfaces were produced on AISI 316L austenitic stainless steel by laser surface alloying.Expand
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Oxidation of potential SOFC interconnect materials, Crofer 22 APU and Avesta 353 MA, in dry and humid air studied in situ by X-ray diffraction
Abstract Several stainless steels have been developed for the use as interconnect materials in solid oxide fuel cells in order to reduce costs, while maintaining the required performance. TheExpand
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Alumina scale growth at zirconia-MCrAlY interface: a microstructural study
High-temperature oxide scale growth at the ceramic-metal interface is a major contributor to the thermomechanical resistance of thermal barrier coatings for hot stages of gas turbines. In order toExpand
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Tribological qualification of cobalt-free coatings for pressurized water reactor primary-circuit gate valve applications
Abstract The object of this study is to qualify cobalt-free alternative alloys for valve applications. This paper focuses on tribological characterizations of numerous coatings deposited by differentExpand
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Thermal barrier coatings: Microstructural investigation after annealing
Abstract Plasma-sprayed yttria partially stabilized zirconia (YPSZ) is currently the most advanced system envisaged for thermal barrier coatings to be applied on hot turboengine components. AlthoughExpand
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Imaging and Quantitative Evaluation of Micro-Crack Density in Chromium Coatings on Steel by Means of Acoustic Microscopy
A non-destructive method of high frequency acoustic microscopy (HFAM) is applied to image and quantify micro-cracks in approximately 10 urn thick hard chromium coatings, especially in-depth whereExpand
Influence of substrate roughness and lateral spacing on morphology and brittleness of different Cr-C PVD coatings
Abstract 10 μm thick, carbon doped (1.1wt.%) chromium coatings were deposited by non-reactive magnetron sputtering on steel substrates (XC18) with different surface preparations (electrolyticExpand
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gas filtration membrane such as molecular hydrogen and process for its preparation
The present invention relates to a molecular gas filtration membrane such as hydrogen, comprising a porous ceramic support consisting essentially of magnesia spinel-alumina, said support beingExpand