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Metagenome of a Microbial Community Inhabiting a Metal-Rich Tropical Stream Sediment
Here, we describe the metagenome and functional composition of a microbial community in a historically metal-contaminated tropical freshwater stream sediment. The sediment was collected from the MinaExpand
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Vaginal Microbiome Characterization of Nellore Cattle Using Metagenomic Analysis
Understanding of microbial communities inhabiting cattle vaginal tract may lead to a better comprehension of bovine physiology and reproductive health being of great economic interest. Up to date,Expand
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Assessment of Fungal Diversity in the Environment using Metagenomics: a Decade in Review
Fungi are ubiquitous inhabitants of soil and aquatic environments, and they establish and maintain either parasitic or symbiotic relationships with animals and plants. They are major players inExpand
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Complete genome sequence of Streptococcus agalactiae strain SA20-06, a fish pathogen associated to meningoencephalitis outbreaks
Streptococcus agalactiae (Lancefield group B; GBS) is the causative agent of meningoencephalitis in fish, mastitis in cows, and neonatal sepsis in humans. Meningoencephalitis is a major healthExpand
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Metagenomic analysis of a desulphurisation system used to treat biogas from vinasse methanisation.
We investigated the response of microbial community to changes in H2S loading rate in a microaerated desulphurisation system treating biogas from vinasse methanisation. H2S removal efficiency wasExpand
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Metagenomic signatures of a tropical mining-impacted stream reveal complex microbial and metabolic networks.
Bacteria from aquatic ecosystems significantly contribute to biogeochemical cycles, but details of their community structure in tropical mining-impacted environments remain unexplored. In this study,Expand
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Illumina sequencing-based analysis of a microbial community enriched under anaerobic methane oxidation condition coupled to denitrification revealed coexistence of aerobic and anaerobic methanotrophs
Methane is produced in anaerobic environments, such as reactors used to treat wastewaters, and can be consumed by methanotrophs. The composition and structure of a microbial community enriched fromExpand
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Long-Term Rock Phosphate Fertilization Impacts the Microbial Communities of Maize Rhizosphere
Phosphate fertilization is a common practice in agriculture worldwide, and several commercial products are widely used. Triple superphosphate (TSP) is an excellent soluble phosphorus (P) source.Expand
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Combining traditional and high-density visualizations in a dashboard to network health monitoring
In this paper we briefly describe the tool submitted to VAST Challenge 2012. Expand
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Draft Genome Sequence of “Acidibacillus ferrooxidans” ITV01, a Novel Acidophilic Firmicute Isolated from a Chalcopyrite Mine Drainage Site in Brazil
ABSTRACT Here, we report the draft genome sequence of “Acidibacillus ferrooxidans” strain ITV01, a ferrous iron- and sulfide-mineral-oxidizing, obligate heterotrophic, and acidophilic bacteriumExpand
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