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Developments in Numerical Ecology
From earlier ecological studies it has become apparent that simple univariate or bivariate statistics are often inappropriate, and that multivariate statistical analyses must be applied. DespiteExpand
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Carbon budget of sea‐ice algae in spring: Evidence of a significant transfer to zooplankton grazers
The fate of ice-bottom algae, before and after release from the first-year sea ice into the water column, was assessed during the period of ice-algal growth and decline in Resolute Passage (CanadianExpand
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Ecology of bottom ice algae: I. Environmental controls and variability
Abstract Over large ocean areas of the Arctic, Subarctic and Antarctic, which are covered by landfast sea ice during springtime, high concentrations of microalgae have been observed in theExpand
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Export of biogenic carbon and structure and dynamics of the pelagic food web in the Gulf of St. Lawrence. Part 2. Inverse analysis
Abstract The effects of the structure and dynamics of the pelagic food web on the export of organic carbon from the euphotic zone (BC export) are poorly understood. In this paper, we use inverseExpand
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Hydrothermal Fe cycling and deep ocean organic carbon scavenging: Model-based evidence for significant POC supply to seafloor sediments
Abstract Submarine hydrothermal venting has recently been identified to have the potential to impact ocean biogeochemistry at the global scale. This is the case because processes active inExpand
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Horizontal heterogeneity of microalgal biomass in the first-year sea ice of Saroma-ko Lagoon (Hokkaido, Japan)
The horizontal distribution of sea-ice microalgae in Saroma-ko Lagoon (Sea of Okhotsk, Hokkaido, Japan) was studied in relation to snow depth, ice thickness, salinity in the ice bottom and within-iceExpand
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Springtime sensible heat, nutrients and phytoplankton in the Northwater Polynya, Canadian Arctic
Abstract Sampling was conducted in the Northwater Polynya (between 70°20′ and 77°20′N), on 17 and 19 May 1991. At each of the 14 sampling stations, CTD profiles were recorded from surface to bottomExpand
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Annual production of fish larvae and their prey in relation to size-fractionated primary production (Scotian Shelf, NW Atlantic)*
The annual cycles of abundance of fish larvae and their zooplankton prey were analysed in relation to the biomass and production of size-fractionated phytoplankton on the Scotian Shelf (North-westExpand
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Carbon to nitrogen (C:N) stoichiometry of the spring-summer phytoplankton bloom in the North Water Polynya (NOW)
Abstract The carbon to nitrogen (C:N) stoichiometry of phytoplankton production varied significantly during the spring–summer bloom in the North Water Polynya (NOW), from April through July 1998. TheExpand
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