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Health damages from air pollution in China.
A B S T R A C T This study evaluates air pollution-related health impacts on the Chinese economy by using an expanded version of the Emissions Prediction and Policy Analysis model. We estimated thatExpand
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The version 3 OMI NO 2 standard product
We describe the new version 3.0 NASA Ozone Monitoring Instrument (OMI) standard nitrogen dioxide (NO2 /products (SPv3). The products and documentation are publicly available from the NASA GoddardExpand
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Aura OMI observations of regional SO2 and NO2 pollution changes from 2005 to 2015
Abstract. The Ozone Monitoring Instrument (OMI) onboard NASA's Aura satellite has been providing global observations of the ozone layer and key atmospheric pollutant gases, such as nitrogen dioxideExpand
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Ground‐level nitrogen dioxide concentrations inferred from the satellite‐borne Ozone Monitoring Instrument
[1] We present an approach to infer ground-level nitrogen dioxide (NO2) concentrations by applying local scaling factors from a global three-dimensional model (GEOS-Chem) to tropospheric NO2 columnsExpand
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Growth in NOx emissions from power plants in China: bottom-up estimates and satellite observations
Abstract. Using OMI (Ozone Monitoring Instrument) tropospheric NO 2 columns and a nested-grid 3-D global chemical transport model (GEOS-Chem), we investigated the growth in NO x emissions fromExpand
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Application of OMI observations to a space-based indicator of NOx and VOC controls on surface ozone formation
Abstract We investigated variations in the relative sensitivity of surface ozone formation in summer to precursor species concentrations of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and nitrogen oxides (NOx)Expand
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A space‐based, high‐resolution view of notable changes in urban NOx pollution around the world (2005–2014)
Nitrogen oxides (NOx = NO + NO2) are produced during combustion processes and, thus may serve as a proxy for fossil fuel-based energy usage and coemitted greenhouse gases and other pollutants. We useExpand
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Scaling relationship for NO2 pollution and urban population size: a satellite perspective.
Concern is growing about the effects of urbanization on air pollution and health. Nitrogen dioxide (NO2) released primarily from combustion processes, such as traffic, is a short-lived atmosphericExpand
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Creating National Air Pollution Models for Population Exposure Assessment in Canada
Background: Population exposure assessment methods that capture local-scale pollutant variability are needed for large-scale epidemiological studies and surveillance, policy, and regulatory purposes.Expand
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Application of satellite observations for timely updates to global anthropogenic NOx emission inventories
[1] Anthropogenic emissions of nitrogen oxides (NOx) can change rapidly due to economic growth or control measures. Bottom-up emissions estimated using source-specific emission factors and activityExpand
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