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Solid C60: a new form of carbon
A new form of pure, solid carbon has been synthesized consisting of a somewhat disordered hexagonal close packing of soccer-ball-shaped C60 molecules. Infrared spectra and X-ray diffraction studies
Extraction and STM Imaging of Spherical Giant Fullerenes
High-temperature, high-pressure extracts of soot produced by the Kr�tschmer-Huffman technique (KH carbon) were characterized by mass spectrometry and imaging with scanning tunneling microscopes (STMs), supporting the idea that solvent temperature and possibly pressure are key parameters in extraction of the giant fuilerenes.
The Ionizations of C 60 in the Gas Phase and in Thin Solid Films.
The high-resolution He I photoelectron spectrum of C 60 in the gas phase is reported and compared with the photoelectron spectrum of C 60 as a thin film prepared by vapor deposition (one to three
Large Odd-Numbered Carbon Clusters from Fullerene-Ozone Reactions
The even-numbered carbon clusters C119, C129, and C139 have been observed in the mass spectra of toluene extracts of fullerene soots and of the products of ozone-fullerene reactions, suggesting a new route to functionalization and derivatization of fulrerenes through controlled ozone-catalyzed cage-opening reactions.