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Bumetanide in heart failure in infancy.
Bumetanide in doses varying in different infants from as little as 0.015 mg/kg on alternate days to as much as 1mg/kg daily was shown to be an effective diuretic for long-term use and no side effects were observed in either study. Expand
Rectal aspirin--absorption and antipyretic effect.
Rectal aspirin in a triglyceride base is effective in lowering postoperative temperature and should also be of use in treating other fevers. Expand
Cardiac rhythm and conduction before and after Mustard's operation for complete transposition of the great arteries.
There is thus no evidence to support the view that such episodes with the electrocardiographic patterns of Wenckebach, 2:1 or complete sinuatrial block, atrial premature beats of less than 12 per hour, or intermittent junctional escape rhythms represent acquired cardiac arrhythmias. Expand
Thrombosis of inferior vena cava following rupture of Rashkind balloon catheter
SummaryA case of thrombosis of the inferior vena cava following rupture of a Rashkind bailoon catheter is reported. The mechanism by which thrombosis occurred is discussed.
Transposition of the great arteries in the newborn: A three year survey
It would appear that not all babies born with TGA are referred for balloon atrial septostomy, and at least 50% of all TGA would be suitable for the Mustard operation. Expand
The Vth Asian‐Pacific Symposiunm on cardiac Pacing and Electrophysiology
PLENARY LECTURES PL01 Tawara Memorial Lecture (1) Time: 09:00 to 09:20 Date: August 2, 1993 Place: Room A Chairperson(s): Motokazu Hori lapan Tawara's Contribution to the Discovery of the ConductionExpand
Accidental digoxin poisoning in children.