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Appendiceal oxyuriasis: Its incidence and relationship to appendicitis.
  • L. L. Ashburn
  • Medicine
  • The American journal of pathology
  • 1 November 1941
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Experimental Haplosporangium infection.
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Myoblastomas, Neural Origin
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Lower Body X Irradiation and 3-Methylcholanthrene Administration in Breast-Tumor Induction in the Wistar Rat
X irradiation (400 r) to the caudal half of the body of Wistar rats was weakly tumorigenic and even weaker as a carcinogen. Tumors appeared almost entirely in the area of x-ray exposure. AppearanceExpand
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Differences in strains of Trichomonas vaginalis as revealed by intraperitoneal injections into mice.
the mouse as an experimental animal for Trichomonas vaginalis. Lesions due to the parasite have resulted following injection by subcutaneous, intramuscular, and intraperito4eal routes (Schnitzer etExpand
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Splenectomy for myeloid metaplasia of the spleen.
SINCE the report of Rathery1 in 1902, many cases of leukoerythroblastic anemia associated with myelofibrosis and myeloid metaplasia of the spleen have been described. This syndrome has been designa...
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Experimental therapy of onchocerciasis with suramin and hetrazan; results of a three-year study.
Summary Hetrazan had a spectacular and immediate effect against the microfilariae of Onchocerca volvulus but since it did not destroy the adult worms the disappearance of microfilariae was onlyExpand
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