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Diversity and endemism of woody plant species in the Equatorial Pacific seasonally dry forests
The biodiversity hotspot of the Equatorial Pacific region in western Ecuador and northwestern Peru comprises the most extensive seasonally dry forest formations west of the Andes. Based on a recently
An antiplasmodial lignan from Euterpe precatoria.
A new 8-5' linked lignan dehydrodiconiferyl dibenzoate and p-hydroxybenzoic acid were isolated from the roots of the palm Euterpe precatoria and showed a moderate antiplasmodial activity.
Estimations of the importance of plant resources extracted by inhabitants of the Peruvian Amazon flood plains.
Abstract Extractions/applications of plant-resources were investigated in Mestizo communities in the Jenaro Herrera district, Peruvian Amazon. Knowledge differences between genders on forest resource
Absolute configuration and antiprotozoal activity of minquartynoic acid.
Minquartynoic acid (1) was isolated as an antimalarial and antileishmanial constituent of the Peruvian tree Minquartia guianensis and its absolute configuration at C-17 established to be (+)-S