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Constructing socio-economic status indices: how to use principal components analysis.
Theoretically, measures of household wealth can be reflected by income, consumption or expenditure information. However, the collection of accurate income and consumption data requires extensiveExpand
Low sale of antibiotics without prescription: a cross-sectional study in Zimbabwean private pharmacies.
OBJECTIVES To assess the quality of private pharmacy practice with a focus on the extent of antibiotic sales without prescription in private pharmacies in four Zimbabwean cities in relation to twoExpand
Resource Needs for HIV/AIDS
Government and civil society representatives meet for a Special Session of the General Assembly of the United Nations (UNGASS) 25 to 27 June 2001 to consider an expanded response to HIV/AIDS. ThisExpand
Male circumcision for HIV prevention in sub-Saharan Africa: who, what and when?
Background and objective:Male circumcision (circumcision) reduces HIV incidence in men by 50–60%. The United Nations Joint Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS) recommends the provision of safe circumcisionExpand
Financing and cost-effectiveness analysis of public-private partnerships: provision of tuberculosis treatment in South Africa
BackgroundPublic-private partnerships (PPP) could be effective in scaling up services. We estimated cost and cost-effectiveness of different PPP arrangements in the provision of tuberculosis (TB)Expand
Is antenatal syphilis screening still cost effective in sub-Saharan Africa
Objectives: To estimate the cost effectiveness of on-site antenatal syphilis screening and treatment in Mwanza, Tanzania. To compare this intervention with other antenatal and child healthExpand
The real and the nominal? Making inflationary adjustments to cost and other economic data.
Given the scarcity of cost data for health interventions, there has been substantial use of a relatively small number of existing studies to underpin policy development formulation.Expand
How do countries regulate the health sector? Evidence from Tanzania and Zimbabwe.
The health sectors in many low- and middle-income countries have been characterized in recent years by extensive private sector activity. This has been complemented by increasing public-privateExpand
Costs of measures to control tuberculosis/HIV in public primary care facilities in Cape Town, South Africa.
OBJECTIVE To measure the costs and estimate the cost-effectiveness of the ProTEST package of tuberculosis/human immunodeficiency virus (TB/HIV) interventions in primary health care facilities in CapeExpand
AIDS. Resource needs for HIV/AIDS.