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The Crab pulsar in the 0.75-30 MeV range as seen by CGRO COMPTEL
We present the time-averaged characteristics of the Crab pulsar in the 0.75{30 MeV energy window using data from the imaging Compton Telescope COMPTEL aboard the Compton Gamma-Ray Observatory (CGRO)Expand
A Braking Index for the Young, High Magnetic Field, Rotation-Powered Pulsar in Kesteven 75
We present the first phase-coherent measurement of a braking index for the young, energetic rotation-powered pulsar PSR J1846-0258. This 324 ms pulsar is located at the center of the supernovaExpand
The Soft Gamma-Ray Spectral Variability of Cygnus X-1
We have used observations of Cyg X-1 from the Compton Gamma Ray Observatory and BeppoSAX to study the variation in the MeV γ-ray emission between the hard and soft spectral states, using spectra thatExpand
Detailed high-energy characteristics of AXP 4U 0142+61: Multi-year observations with INTEGRAL, RXTE, XMM-Newton, and ASCA
4U 0142+61 is one of the Anomalous X-ray Pulsars exhibiting hard X-ray emission above 10 keV discovered with INTEGRAL. In this paper we present detailed spectral and temporal characteristics both inExpand
Instrument description and performance of the Imaging Gamma-Ray Telescope COMPTEL aboard the Compton Gamma-Ray Observatory
The imaging Compton telescope COMPTEL is one of the four instruments on board the Compton Gamma-Ray Observatory (GRO), which was launched on 1991 April 5 by the space shuttle Atlantis into an EarthExpand
The first outburst of sax j1808.4-3658 revisited
Data of the 1996 outburst of the single-known accreting millisecond pulsar SAX J1808.4-3658, taken with the Wide Field Cameras (WFCs) on BeppoSAX , are revisited with more complete data coverage andExpand
Detailed high-energy characteristics of AXP 1RXS J170849-400910 - Probing the magnetosphere using INTEGRAL, RXTE, and XMM-Newton
1RXS J170849-400910 is one of four anomalous X-ray pulsars which emit persistent luminous radiation in soft X-rays (10 keV) as well as in hard X-rays (>10 keV). In this paper we present detailedExpand
INTEGRAL survey of the Cassiopeia region in hard X rays
We report on the results of a deep 1.6 Ms INTEGRAL observation of the Cassiopeia region performed from December 2003 to February 2004. Eleven sources were detected with the imager IBIS-ISGRI atExpand
Discovery of Hard Nonthermal Pulsed X-Ray Emission from the Anomalous X-Ray Pulsar 1E 1841-045
We report the discovery of nonthermal pulsed X-ray/soft gamma-ray emission up to ~150 keV from the anomalous 11.8 s X-ray pulsar AXP 1E 1841-045 located near the center of supernova remnant Kes 73Expand
Integral and rxte observations of accreting millisecond pulsar igr j00291+5934 in outburst
Simultaneous observations of the accretion-powered millisecond pulsar IGR J00291+5934 by the International Gamma-Ray Astrophysics Laboratory and Rossi X-ray Timins Explorer during the 2004 DecemberExpand