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Motifs in co-authorship networks and their relation to the impact of scientific publications
Abstract Co-authorship networks, where the nodes are authors and a link indicates joint publications, are very helpful representations for studying the processes that shape the scientific community.Expand
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Resilient Peer-to-Peer live-streaming using motifs
High robustness against churn and resilience towards adverse behavior are the key requirements for reliable Peer-to-Peer streaming systems. Their highly inter-dependent nature, based on theExpand
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Leveraging Network Motifs for the Adaptation of Structured Peer-to-Peer-Networks
Topology adaptation is a vital operation in tech- nological networks. It is frequently implemented as either an external process or a distributed online optimization that relies on gatheringExpand
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Approximation Algorithm for the Minimum Degree Spanning Tree Problem
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Phase synchronization in railway timetables
Abstract. Timetable construction belongs to the most important optimization problems in public transport. Finding optimal or near-optimal timetables under the subsidiary conditions of minimizingExpand
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PathFinder: Efficient Lookups and Efficient Search in Peer-to-Peer Networks
Peer-to-Peer networks are divided into two main classes: unstructured and structured. Overlays from the first class are better suited for exhaustive search, whereas those from the second class offerExpand
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Network Motifs Are a Powerful Tool for Semantic Distinction
Motifs are a general network analysis technique, which statistically relates network structure to epiphenomena on the network. This technique has been developed and brought to maturity in molecularExpand
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MOPS: Optimizing Structured Peer-to-Peer Networks Based on their Local Motif-Signature
In DHT overlay networks nodes tend to be imbalanced with respect to their lookup resolution and messaging load, as well as in their relevance to the function of the system. Analyzing DHTs in detail,Expand
Degree and Diameter Bounded Minimum Spanning Trees
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