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Non-traumatic subdural hematoma secondary to septic brain embolism: A rare cause of unexpected death in a drug addict suffering from undiagnosed bacterial endocarditis.
Acute subdural hematomas are mostly due to blunt traumatization of the head. In rare instances, subdural bleeding occurs without evidence of a previous trauma following spontaneous hemorrhage, e.g.Expand
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Skin blister formation together with patterned intradermal hematoma: a special type of tire mark injury in victims run over by a wheel.
A traffic accident victim run over by a vehicle may show a patterned skin hematoma reflecting the grooves of the tire's profile. Apart from this well-known type of imprint mark, the affected skin canExpand
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A special type of scald caused by prolonged exposure to slowly heated water.
When skin is subjected to water temperatures gradually rising from moderate to critical ranges for a prolonged period of time, the resulting scalds will initially present as reddening, followed byExpand
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Pattern injuries from blows with the muzzle end of a handgun.
Pistols, revolvers and blank guns are not only used to discharge cartridges, but also for hits to the victim. In such cases, the blows preferably affect the head and/or the interposed handsExpand
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Pseudo-tying injuries in a hanged person.
A 50-year-old man was found hanged on the concrete dam of a water reservoir. The ligature, a braided rope made of synthetic fibres, was attached to a lamp on the dam crest. The length of the ropeExpand
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Wound morphology in contact shots from blank cartridge handguns: a study on composite models
It is a well-known fact that blank cartridge guns can cause penetrating and even fatal injuries when discharged in contact or at very close ranges. In these cases, the gas jet perforates the skinExpand
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[Death by avalanche in the minor mountain range].
On 30 Jan 2015, two avalanche accidents happened in the Black Forest (at the foot of the 1493 m high Feldberg and the Herzogenhorn situated next to it), in which experienced ski tourers--aExpand
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A patterned abrasion caused by the impact of a cartridge case may simulate an atypical muzzle imprint mark
In contact shots, the muzzle imprint is an informative finding associated with the entrance wound. It typically mirrors the constructional components being in line with the muzzle or just behind.Expand
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[Fire disaster due to deflagration of a propane gas-air mixture].
On 26 Nov 2012, a serious fire occurred at Neustadt/Black Forest in which 14 persons in a sheltered workshop died and 10 other individuals were injured. The fire was caused by the unbridled escape ofExpand