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Words to Be Looked At: Language in 1960s Art
Language has been a primary element in visual art since the 1960s -- in the form of printed texts, painted signs, words on the wall, recorded speech, and more. In Words to Be Looked At, Liz Kotz
Language Between Performance and Photography
Efforts to theorize the emergence of what can properly be called Conceptual art have struggled to determine the movement's relationship to the linguistic, poetic, and performative practices
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  • 8 October 2018
1000 Words: Robert Whitman
For more than fifty years, Robert Whitman has been making theater pieces that verge on alchemy. In these works, everyday objects take on uncanny properties, as in Two Holes of Water No. 3, 1966,
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Shonagh Adelman : Skindeep
While Hurtig presents the exhibited works as challenging the paradoxical fact that "feminist orthodoxy strictly regulates the lesbian gaze," Ross discusses Adelman's appropriation of sexually
Omer Fast : 5,000 Feet is the Best
"This publication focuses on a single work of art : 5,000 Feet is the Best (2011) by Omer Fast. With this cinematic video work, Fast has entered into a discussion about one of the most pressing
Lutz Bacher: P.S. 1 contemporary art center, New York
December 2009 XLVIH, No. 4 Pg 224-225 these birds are happily working for horseshif. Lutz Bacher RS. 1 CONTEMPORARY ART CENTER, NEW YORK Liz Kotz TUCKED AWAY IN A SIDE GALLERY of l’.5. l