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Design and synthesis of cholecystokinin-4 dipeptide analogues with anxiolytic and anxiogenic activities
A new series of dipeptide analogues of the general formula Ph(CH2)nCO-NH(CH2)mCO-Trp-NH2 (n = 1, 3–5; m = 1–3) was designed based on the structure of the endogenous tetrapeptide cholescystokinin-4Expand
Dipeptide Mimetic of the BDNF Loop 4 Possesses Analgetic Activity
Previously, we synthesized a dimeric dipeptide mimetic of the brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) loop 4, GSB-106, which, similarly to BDNF, activated TrkB, PI3K/AKT, and MAPK/ERK. WhenExpand
Comparative Assessment of the Effectiveness of Noncompetitive NMDA Receptor Antagonists Amantadine and Hemantane in Morphine Withdrawal Syndrome Model
Activities of noncompetitive NMDA receptor antagonists (aminoadamantane derivatives) were assessed in random-bred rats with modeled morphine withdrawal syndrome. A single intraperitoneal injection ofExpand
Pharmacogenetic Study of Anxiolytic Effects of New Cholecystokinin Receptor Antagonists in Animals with Different Levels of Emotionality
Effects of two new peptide antagonists of central cholecystokinin receptors, GB-101 (0.05-0.40 mg/kg) and GB-115 (0.006-0.100 mg/kg), on the behavior of inbred animals differing by the reactions toExpand
Effects of Phenazepam on the Behavior of C57Bl/6 and BALB/c Mice in the Open Field Test after Naloxone Pretreatment
We studied the effects of phenazepam (0.075 mg/kg) after pretreatment (5 minutes before) with naloxone (10 mg/kg) on open-field behavior of C57Bl/6 and BALB/c mice. In ex vivo experiments, we studiedExpand
Effect of compound GB-115 on morphine-induced analgesia
Experiments on outbred mice showed that compound GB-115, a retropeptide analogue of the tetrapeptide cholecystokinin, produced a naloxone-dependent potentiating effect on morphine-induced analgesiaExpand
Alcoholic Cardiomyopathy: Translation Model
We developed a translation model of alcoholic cardiomyopathy in rats. By the end of forced alcoholization (the rats received 10% ethanol solution as the only source of fluid for 24 weeks; mean dailyExpand
Effects of Naltrexone on Firing Activity of Rat Cortex Neurons and Its Interactions with Ethanol
Naltrexone dose-dependently decreased neuron firing rate in the rat frontal cortex after intravenous (1-20 mg/kg) and microelectrophoretic administration. Microelectrophoretic applications ofExpand
Role of the Cholecystokinin System in Anxiolytic Activity of Dipeptide GB-115
We studied the effect of dipeptide GB-115, a retroanalogue of cholecystokinin-4 with anxiolytic properties, on the behavior of outbred rats and BALB/c and C57Bl/6 mice induced by cholecystokinin-4Expand
Anxiolytic Activity of Dipeptide GB-115 after Oral Administration
The anxiolytic effects of GB-115, a retroanalogue of cholecystokinin-4, administered orally to outbred and inbred animals with different level of emotionality, were studied in the open field test andExpand