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Version 2000 of the Catalogue of Galactic Planetary Nebulae
The “Catalogue of Galactic Planetary Nebulae (Version 2000)” appears in Abhandlungen aus der Hamburger Sternwarte, Band XII in the year 2001. It is a continuation of CGPN(1967) and contains 1510Expand
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Photometry and spectroscopy of the central star of the Trifid nebula
UBV photometry of the central star of the Trid nebula - HD 164492, which has so far been sus- pected of photometric as well as of radial velocity vari- ability - is presented. The results of ourExpand
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IN their study of Maffei 1, Spinrad et al.1 obtained a value Av= 5.2±0.2 mag for the visual absorption using the assumption that the nucleus of Maffei 1 has the spectral energy distribution of aExpand
Study of AG Carinae. I. The 1977 spectrum of the star.
Observations spectroscopiques de cette variable a une phase de minimum relatif, durant une periode longue et comparativement calme de brillance intermediaire
Search for envelopes of some stellar planetary nebulae, symbiotic stars and further emission-line objects
At 17 emission-line objects, mainly PN, the seeing disc has been compared with that of some sur- rounding stars (CCD frames taken through B, V , R, (OIII) 5007 Aa nd Hlters). Nebulosities were foundExpand
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On the structure of the nebula M 2-9
Photometry of the eclipsing binary W Cru
Hamburg Observatory Northern Milky Way Spectral Survey for Emission Objects
Objective-prism spectral surveys open the possibility to search for faint emission-line objects with the aim to complete their statistics and to pick out most interesting individual objects forExpand
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