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A Reliability Generalization Study of the Teacher Efficacy Scale and Related Instruments
Teacher efficacy has proven to be an important variable in teacher effectiveness. It is consistently related to positive teaching behaviors and student outcomes. However, the measurement of thisExpand
Behavioral Reasons for Relinquishment of Dogs and Cats to 12 Shelters
The Regional Shelter Relinquishment Study sponsored by the National Council on Pet Population Study and Policy (NCPPSP) is a national research project designed to explore the characteristics ofExpand
Satisfaction with Body Image and Peer Relationships for Males and Females in a College Environment
The purpose of this study was to examine body image and relationship satisfaction in male and female college students. A total of 101 males and 187 females, primarily Caucasian and middle class,Expand
Engineering Students' Perceptions of Academic Activities and Support Services: Factors that Influence Their Academic Performance.
The present study, through the use of focus groups, identified the academic activities and support services perceived by engineering students as having a positive impact on their academicExpand
An Examination of Changes in Oxytocin Levels in Men and Women Before and After Interaction With a Bonded Dog
Men and women may have different hormonal responses to interaction with their dogs, and it is unclear to what degree OT reactivity was affected by hormones, personality traits, or interpersonal relationships. Expand
Latina breast cancer survivors' lived experiences: diagnosis, treatment, and beyond.
Results suggest that treatments tailored for each survivorship stage are more likely to be effective than generic interventions, and have the potential to lessen health disparities in utilization of psychosocial treatments by Latina breast cancer survivors. Expand
Behavioral effects of auditory stimulation on kenneled dogs
KEYWORDS: dog; auditory; music; kennel; welfare Abstract Dogs are kenneled in professional facilities for a variety of reasons; however, the kennel environment, even for short periods, is a potentialExpand
Gaining acceptance into veterinary school: a review of medical and veterinary admissions policies.
The process of admissions becomes pivotal in directing the future of these professions and the literature pertaining to veterinary and medical admissions is reviewed. Expand
Over-the-counter stimulant, depressant, and nootropic use by veterinary students.
OTC medication and ED veterinary student users had distinct characteristics that differed from those of nonusers, and users suffered from more stress and anxiety and had more difficulties with sleep, which may have affected their overall health and academic performance. Expand
Animal-Assisted Therapy in Specialized Settings
This chapter discusses various animal-assisted therapy programs and approaches that are being used in a number of settings with different client populations, including schools, nursing homes, hospitals, rehabilitation centers, and prisons. Expand