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A Synoptical Classification of the Bivalvia (Mollusca)
Preface This classification summarizes the suprageneric taxonomy of the Bivalvia for the upcoming revision of the Bivalvia volumes of the Treatise on Invertebrate Paleontology, Part N.
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A tropical Australian refuge for photosymbiotic benthic fauna
An anomalous El Niño-associated sea surface temperature stress event was predicted to affect tropical Australian reefs, including those in North Western Australia in the summer of 2015/2016. ThermalExpand
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Hydroids (Cnidaria, Hydrozoa) from Shallow-Water Environments Along the Caribbean Coast of Panama
—Hydroids were examined in three different collections of specimens, acquired in 1969, 2002, and 2004, from the Caribbean coast of Panama. Eighteen stations were sampled in the Bocas del Toro area,Expand
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Establishment of a taxonomic and molecular reference collection to support the identification of species regulated by the Western Australian Prevention List for Introduced Marine Pests
Introduced Marine Pests (IMP, = non-indigenous marine species) prevention, early detection and risk-based management strategies have become the priority for biosecurity operations worldwide, inExpand
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Marine Biodiversity in Temperate Western Australia: Multi-Taxon Surveys of Minden and Roe Reefs
A growing body of evidence indicates that temperate marine ecosystems are being tropicalised due to the poleward extension of tropical species. Such climate mediated changes in species distributionExpand
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Phylogeographic study of the West Australian freshwater mussel, Westralunio carteri, uncovers evolutionarily significant units that raise new conservation concerns
South-western Australia is isolated from other forested regions of Australia by desert and bounded on southern and western sides by the Southern and Indian Oceans, respectively, with WestralunioExpand
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Oyster Information Portal- a user-group focused 'Coastal Google' for the future
Catchment managers and estuarine seafood industries have highlighted the need to consolidate natural resource and industry information that currently exits but that is dispersed and inaccessible.Expand
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Shedding light: a phylotranscriptomic perspective illuminates the origin of photosymbiosis in marine bivalves
Background Photosymbiotic associations between metazoan hosts and photosynthetic dinoflagellates are crucial to the trophic and structural integrity of many marine ecosystems, including coral reefs.Expand