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The Benefits of Frequent Positive Affect: Does Happiness Lead to Success?
Numerous studies show that happy individuals are successful across multiple life domains, including marriage, friendship, income, work performance, and health. The authors suggest a conceptual modelExpand
The Health Benefits of Writing about Life Goals
In a variation on Pennebaker’s writing paradigm, a sample of 81 undergraduates wrote about one of four topics for 20 minutes each day for 4 consecutive days. Participants were randomly assigned toExpand
Conflict over emotional expression: psychological and physical correlates.
This study addresses the construct of conflict or ambivalence over emotional expression. Ambivalence is seen as an important mediator in the link between emotional styles and psychological andExpand
Conflict among personal strivings: immediate and long-term implications for psychological and physical well-being.
  • R. A. Emmons, L. King
  • Psychology, Medicine
  • Journal of personality and social psychology
  • 1 June 1988
We examined the influence of goal conflict and ambivalence on psychological and physical well-being through the personal striving framework. Eighty-eight undergraduates in two studies listed 15 ofExpand
Reconsidering happiness: the costs of distinguishing between hedonics and eudaimonia
In recent years, well-being researchers have distinguished between eudaimonic happiness (e.g., meaning and purpose; taking part in activities that allow for the actualization of one's skills,Expand
Positive affect and the experience of meaning in life.
Six studies examined the role of positive affect (PA) in the experience of meaning in life (MIL). Study 1 showed strong relations between measures of mood, goal appraisals, and MIL. In multivariateExpand
The health benefits of writing about intensely positive experiences
Abstract In a variation on Pennebaker’s writing paradigm, a sample of 90 undergraduates were randomly assigned to write about either an intensely positive experience (IPE) (n=48) or a control topicExpand
Creativity and the Five-Factor Model
Abstract This study examined the relations among the five-factor model of personality, creative ability, and creative accomplishments. Seventy-five subjects completed measures of verbal creativeExpand
What makes a life good?
  • L. King, C. Napa
  • Psychology, Medicine
  • Journal of personality and social psychology
  • 1 July 1998
Two studies examined folk concepts of the good life. Samples of college students (N = 104) and community adults (N = 264) were shown a career survey ostensibly completed by a person rating his or herExpand
The Hard Road to the Good Life: The Happy, Mature Person
The purpose of this article is to examine how two aspects of the good life, happiness and maturity, are reflected in the stories that people tell about their lives. This article highlights the waysExpand