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The Chrysidid Wasps of the World
Acknowledgements Introduction Materials and methods Biology Biogeography Morphology GENERAL SYSTEMATICS: Phylogeny Keys to subfamilies and tribes SUBFAMILY CLEPTINAE: Key to genera of Cleptinae
Seasonal and Site Variation in Costa Rican Euglossine Bees at Chemical Baits in Lowland Deciduous and Evergreen Forests
By attracting male euglossine bees with cineole, eugenol, methyl salicylate, methyl cinnamate, and benzyl acetate in Costa Rican lowland deciduous forest and rain forest, we found no indication of
Phylogenetic revision of the parasitoid wasp family Trigonalidae (Hymenoptera)
A phylogenetic analysis of generic relationships and revised generic concepts for the Trigonalidae is presented and a new genus, Afrigonalys, is proposed for the three species that were described in ‘Tapinogonalos’sensu Bischoff, nec Viereck.
Relationships among the tiphiid wasp subfamilies (Hymenoptera)
Abstract. The phylogenetic relationships among the subfamilies of Tiphiidae are discussed, with detailed analysis of characters, and presentation of a phylogenetic tree. The tribe Diammini Turner is
Generic relationships within the Euglossini (Hymenoptera: Apidae)
These genera form two natural groups, Exaerete+Euglossa and Eufriesea+(Eulaema+Aglae), and each genus is discussed separately giving generic synonymy, biological notes and a complete species list.
18S rDNA sequences and the holometabolous insects.