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Time in the Shadows: Confinement in Counterinsurgencies
Detention and confinement-of both combatants and large groups of civilians-have become fixtures of asymmetric wars over the course of the last century. Counterinsurgency theoreticians andExpand
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Gendered Practices of Counterinsurgency
Current US counterinsurgency doctrine is gendered diversely in the different geographic locations where it is formulated, put in practice, and experienced. Where Iraqi and Afghan populations areExpand
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The New (and Old) Classics of Counterinsurgency
... Counterinsurgency doctrine is interpreted, expanded and sometimes challenged in the proliferation of publications and blogs dedicated to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. One widely read blog isExpand
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'Standing with my brother' : Hizbullah, Palestinians, and the limits of solidarity
On 30 January 2004, after months of negotiations between Hizbullah and the state of Israel via German mediators, a major exchange of bodies and prisoners was completed. In return for a kidnappedExpand
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Heroic and Tragic Pasts: Mnemonic Narratives in the Palestinian Refugee Camps 1
To contest exile and political exclusion, Palestinian refugees have invoked their past as both a constitutive component of their identity and as a basis of their political claim-making; but they haveExpand
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Introduction: Turbulent Circulation: Building a Critical Engagement with Logistics
Since the mid-20th century, logistics has evolved into a wide-ranging science of circulation involved in planning and managing flows of innumerable kinds. In this introductory essay, we take stock ofExpand
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The Ethics of Social Science Research
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The Oslo negotiations—and the specter of a Palestinian renunciation of the right of return—greatly increased the insecurities of Palestinian refugees in Lebanon. The new uncertainties in turnExpand
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