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Quantitation of 8-oxoguanine and strand breaks produced by four oxidizing agents.
Reactive oxygen species, produced endogenously or by exposure to environmental chemicals and ionizing radiation, induce a wide range of DNA lesions. The variety of chemistries associated withExpand
The sheep and cattle Peyer's patch as a site of B-cell development.
In sheep and cattle, the ileal Peyer's patch (PP), which extends one-two meters along the terminal small intestine, is a primary lymphoid organ of B-cell development. B-cell diversity in the ileal PPExpand
Antibody repertoire development in the sheep.
The model of immunoglobulin (Ig) repertoire diversification in sheep has evolved dramatically in recent years. A process thought to involve the rearrangement of a very limited number of variable (V),Expand
Reduction of chromium(VI) by ascorbate leads to chromium-DNA binding and DNA strand breaks in vitro.
Chromium(VI) is a known human carcinogen which requires intracellular reduction for activation. Ascorbate (vitamin C) has been reported to function as a major reductant of Cr(VI) in animals and cellExpand
Ilal Peyer's patch emigrants are predominantly B cells and travel to all lymphoid tissues in sheep
The ileal Peyer's patch (PP) was selectively labeled with fluorescein isothiocyanate by extracorporeal perfusion in 7–12 week‐old lambs and the lymphocyte linege and fate of the emigrants wasExpand
Nitrotyrosine formation, apoptosis, and oxidative damage: relationships to nitric oxide production in SJL mice bearing the RcsX tumor.
In SJL mice, growth of RcsX lymphoma cells results in activation of macrophages in the spleen and lymph nodes to produce high levels of NO radical (NO.). We used this experimental model system toExpand
Characterization of B-cell phenotypic changes during ileal and jejunal Peyer's patch development in sheep.
Changes in B-cell phenotype during development of ileal and jejunal Peyer's patches (PP) of sheep were investigated using flow cytometry and immunoperoxidase-stained cryosections. On Day 104 ofExpand
T-cell receptor-gamma delta association with lymphocyte populations in sheep intestinal mucosa.
T cells expressing T-cell receptor (TcR)-gamma delta and CD8 represent a significant population in mouse and chicken intra-epithelial lymphocytes (IEL) but represent a minor population in human IEL.Expand
The role of macrophages in the removal of apoptotic B-cells in the sheep ileal Peyer's patch.
In the process of generating the cells that populate the sheep's B-cell pool, the ileal Peyer's patch (PP) produces an immense number of B-cells and then destroys most of them by apoptosis. RapidExpand
Binding of poly (Glu-60 Ala-30 Tyr-10) by thymic lymphocytes from genetic responder and non-responder mice: effect of antihistocompatibility serum.
The binding of 125-I-labeled GAT by murine thymocytes was studied by autoradiography. GAT binding was highly temperature dependent. Significantly more thymocytes bound GAT at 37 degrees C than at 4Expand