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Elastase-type activity, elastase inhibitory capacity, lipids and lipoproteins in the sera of patients with ischemic vascular disease.
Elastase-type activity and elastase inhibitory capacity were determined in the sera of 130 atherosclerotic patients, suffering from ischemic vascular disease (IVD) localized at various sites, and ofExpand
[Infarct registry--analysis after a decade].
Does treatment with t-PA increase the risk of developing epilepsy after stroke?
This study failed to identify treatment with t-PA as an independent risk factor for post-stroke epilepsy (PSE), and identified 5 independent factors for PSE. Expand
Elastase-type enzymes and their relation to blood lipids in atherosclerotic patients.
Serum elastase-type activity was found to be significantly lower and inhibitory capacity significantly higher in the groups of patients than in the controls, and HDL- and HDL2-cholesterol as well as apo A concentration showed significant negative correlation with elastasing capacity both in atherosclerotic and in control subjects. Expand
Immune mediated destruction of platelets in dogs with heat stroke: a prospective study.
Severe thrombocytopenia is a common sequelae to heat stroke in dogs and it is hypothezised that it is due to immune mediated destruction via antiplatelet antibodies, not due to DIC. Expand
[Quality control of medical documentation of in-patients at the St. Stephen Municipal Hospital in Budapest].
The quality of documentation showed statistically significant differences between departments of the hospital and the average standard of documentation could not be declared as satisfying at the period of basic survey, and the authors call attention to the importance of ordinary control of medical documentation. Expand