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An Introduction to Art Therapy Research
Part I: Overview of Art Therapy. Art Therapy Research Ideas, Tools, and Steps in the Process. How Art Informs Art Therapy Research. Part II: Art Therapy Research Methods. Quantitative Models of ArtExpand
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Social Action in Practice: Shifting the Ethnocentric Lens in Cross-Cultural Art Therapy Encounters
Abstract With the advance of globalization and changing demographics, an intercultural perspective that is self-reflexively aware of ethnocentric bias is increasingly important for art therapists.Expand
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Creative Art Therapy in a Community's Participatory Research and Social Transformation
Abstract When people come together in community to practice critical inquiry, they develop a capacity to see, reflect, and become subjects of their own development. This article describes arts-basedExpand
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The Empathic Imagination of Art Therapy: Good for the Brain?
This editorial discusses the premise that art therapy may function as a catalyst for mobilizing the healing potential locked within a person's neural circuitry and by inducing new learning at theExpand
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Does Art Therapy Work? Identifying the Active Ingredients of Art Therapy Efficacy
Art therapy research is beginning to identify more precisely the active ingredients that produce change in treatment and to test commonly held assumptions about efficacy. This editorial discusses theExpand
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Introduction to the Neurobiology of Art Therapy: Evidence Based, Complex, and Influential
Abstract Recent evidence-based developments in the neurobiology of art therapy are considered in this editorial in light of the field's unique, collaborative position in the dialogue between art andExpand
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Close to the Heart: Art Therapy's Link to Craft and Art Production
The value of art production and traditional handcrafts, and their relative neglect in the literature of art therapy, are discussed in this editorial. Readers are challenged to consider the generativeExpand
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Empowerment in Art Therapy: Whose Point of View and Determination?
Empowerment is both a process and a product, the outcome of which is self-efficacy. Art therapy is discussed in this editorial on a continuum of client empowerment, with choice and control in artExpand
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Educating the Future Practitioner of Art Therapy
Because little has been written about art therapy teaching, learning, and transferring learning to actual practice, a new discourse is proposed that examines how future art therapists are beingExpand
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The World We Share: Four Challenges Worthy of Art Therapists’ Attention
Nine years ago, I began my tenure as Editor of Art Therapy by calling upon Janus, the Greek god of beginnings who looked in two directions, past and present. In transitional times we pay attention toExpand
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