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Humoral regulation of regeneration in the lungs, kidneys, and liver
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Regenerative hypertrophy of the lungs in rats after one-stage removal of the entire left lung and the diaphragmatic lobe of the right lung
  • L. K. Romanova
  • Biology
  • Bulletin of Experimental Biology and Medicine
  • 1 June 1961
SummaryIn 42 white rats the left lung and the diaphragmatic lobe of the right lung, which represented 63% of the total lung tissue, were removed. Measurement of the thickness of the interalveolarExpand
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The effect of negative air ions on the respiratory organs and blood
The effect of ionized air containing negatively charged ions at a concentration of 320000–350000 ions/cm3 inhaled by rats was studied. It was demonstrated that the inhalation of negative air ions forExpand
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Modern Views of Prenatal Morphogenesis of Human Lung
  • L. K. Romanova
  • Biology
  • Russian Journal of Developmental Biology
  • 1 July 2002
Published and original data on human lung morphogenesis during prenatal development are reviewed. Morphofunctional description of the lung at various phases of prenatal morphogenesis is given.Expand
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[Cytophysiology of lung bronchiolar secretory cells--source of inflammation "antimediators"].
Literature and original authors' data on topography, structural organization and function of secretory bronchiolar Clara cells of the lungs in various representatives of mammals and humans areExpand
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[Ultrastructural organization of the brush alveocytes of normal and hypertrophic rat lungs].
In non-inbred male rats, 140-200 g of body weight, the left lung was removed. In the right lung of the experimental and intact animals, brush alveolocytes were revealed electron microscopically andExpand
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Bronchoalveolar Lavage Cells and Mitotic Activity of Monocytes and Macrophages in Rats after Long-Term Intermittent Hypoxia
Long-term (1.5 months) intermittent hypoxia promoted desquamation of bronchial epithelial cells, decreased the relative content of alveolar macrophages and monocytes in bronchoalveolar lavage,Expand
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The Tissue-Specific Regulation of Reparative Growth
The term tissue-specific regulation of normal and reparative growth is taken to mean the type of regulation in which a stable state of the tissue system as a whole is maintained by factors which areExpand
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