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Anti‐ and pro‐oxidant activity of rutin and quercetin derivatives
Flavonoids cannot only be considered purely as antioxidants, since under certain reaction conditions they can also display pro‐oxidant activity, which could explain, in part, the observed toxicity of some flavonoids in‐vivo. Expand
Subclinical protein malnutrition is a determinant of hyperhomocysteinemia.
The data point to a progressive deterioration of protein nutrition status impairing the transsulfuration pathway and is best explained by an acquired defect of cystathionine-beta-synthase activity. Expand
Free radical scavenging and skin penetration of troxerutin and vitamin derivatives
It was shown that the three substances, incorporated in a pharmaceutical preparation, permeated through human epidermis and can improve skincare products for preventing free radical-mediated damage. Expand
Iodised rapeseed oil for eradication of severe endemic goitre
The prolonged protection offered by Brassiodol can be attributed to its unique lipid profile, and the urinary output argues that 1 mL should not be exceeded, and at that dose the cost would be only 20 US cents per person per year. Expand
In vitro inhibition of simvastatin metabolism, a HMG-CoA reductase inhibitor in human and rat liver by bergamottin, a component of grapefruit juice.
In human and rat microsomes and in rat hepatocytes, BG was found to be a mixed type inhibitor of SV metabolism, and BG and NRG could be applied as markers in food-drug interaction studies in order to adjust posology. Expand
Structure-affinity relationships of berbines or 5,6,13,13a-tetrahydro-8H-dibenzo[a,g]quinolizines at α-adrenoceptors
Abstract The synthesis of some derivatives of tetrahydro-8H-dibenzo[a,g]quinolizines or berbines is described. A pharmacological study was carried out at α1 and α2-adrenoceptors using radioligandExpand
Novel synthesis of substituted c-phenylpiperazines by addition of benzylamine or methylamine to β-nitrostyrene
Abstract Addition of benzylamine or methylamine to 4-chloro-β-nitrostyrene 2 allowed the successful obtention of 1-phenylethylene-1,2-diamines 5,6. The intermediate nitrocompounds 3,4 were isolatedExpand
Phosgenation of benzyltetrahydroisoquinolines: A new method of berbines and berbin-8-ones synthesis
Abstract A novel synthesis of the berbine ring skeleton by the way of the berbin-8-ones is reported. Treatment of 1-benzyl-1,2,3,4-tetrahydroisoquinolines 1a-d with phosgene gas gave a new series ofExpand
Isolation of quercetin's salts and studies of their physicochemical properties and antioxidant relationships.
This study demonstrates that among the three salts of quercetin, the di-sodium compound is endowed with the more efficient scavenging properties in a phosphate buffer at physiological pH7.4. Expand