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Genetic polymorphisms of GSTP1 related to response to 5-FU-oxaliplatin-based chemotherapy and clinical outcome in advanced colorectal cancer patients.
The GSTP1 105Val/105Val genotype is associated with a higher clinical response rate to oxaliplatin-based chemotherapy and with increased survival of patients with advanced colo-rectal cancer, receiving 5-FU/oxali Platin chemotherapy. Expand
Correlation of HLA-DQB1 gene polymorphism of Xinjiang Uygur with outcome of HBV infection.
HLA-DQB1-0201 is a HBV resistance gene in Xinjiang Uygur and DQB1*0301 is correlated with continuous infection of HBV. Expand
Mohnarin of 2008:Bacterial Composing and Resistance in Bloodstream Infections
Staphylococcus,E.coli and Klebsiella are the predominant bacteria in bloodstream infection in China and the resistant rate of the bacteria isolated from children to quinolones increases year by year. Expand
Association of clinicopathologic parameters with the expression of inducible nitric oxide synthase and vascular endothelial growth factor in mucoepidermoid carcinoma
Inducible nitric oxide synthase can stimulate the expression of VEGF, and their expression status may help assess tumor malignancy and patient prognosis. Expand
Effect of radiotherapy combined with a medicine Lingzhi-912 on treatment of esophageal cancer
The radiotherapy combined with Lingzhi 912 might increase the effect on treating esophageal cancer, and decrease the side effect. Expand
Apoptosis inducing effects of high concentration of aloe-emodin on gastric cancer cells
High concentration of aloe-emodin can induce the apoptosis in gastric cancer cell line MGC-803, and has effects on the proliferation of the schwann cells. Expand
Genetic polymorphisms of GSTP 1 related to response to 5-FU-oxaliplatin-based chemotherapy and clinical outcome in advanced colorectal cancer patients
Objective: To determine whether genetic polymorphisms of GSTP1 Ile105Val (A→G) predict chemosensitivity and clinical outcome in patients with advanced colorectal cancer, treated by 5-FU/Expand
Relationship between GSTP1 and XPG genetic polymorphisms and survival of platinum-based chemotherapy in advanced non-small cell lung cancer patients
The GSTP1 A105G and XPG C46T polymorphisms might be potential prognostic factors of clinical response and survival in patients with advanced NSCLC receiving platinum-based chemotherapy. Expand