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The Design and Implementation of Open ORB 2
This article discusses the architecture of Open ORB 2, a middleware platform based on reflection and component technology. Expand
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CIDR: A new progesterone-releasing intravaginal device for induction of estrus and cycle control in sheep and goats
Abstract The controlled internal drug release dispenser (CIDR) is an intravaginal device constructed of a progesterone-impregnated medical silicone elastomer molded over a nylon core. The CIDR-G isExpand
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The behaviour, welfare, growth performance and meat quality of pigs housed in a deep-litter, large group housing system compared to a conventional confinement system
The behaviour, welfare, growth performance, and meat quality of deep-litter, large group-housed pigs were compared to pigs raised in a conventional housing system. Castrated males were housed from 9Expand
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Pre-weaning mortality of piglets in a bedded group-farrowing system
By retrieving sow performance data from 5 years of production, we evaluated factors that related to pre-weaning mortality of piglets in a bedded group-farrowing system. Data were collected on 421Expand
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Utilization of Crude Glycerin in Nonruminants
During digestion in non-ruminants, intestinal absorption of glycerol has been shown to range from 70 to 90% in rats (Lin, 1977) to more than 97% in pigs and laying hens (Bartlet and Schneider, 2002).Expand
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Evaluation of NE predictions and the impact of feeding maize distillers dried grains with solubles (DDGS) with variable NE content on growth performance and carcass characteristics of
Abstract Growing-finishing pigs (n = 432; initial body weight = 22.0 ± 4.3 kg) were utilized to measure growth performance and carcass characteristics when fed 4 sources of maize distillers driedExpand
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Dietary Clostridium butyricum Induces a Phased Shift in Fecal Microbiota Structure and Increases the Acetic Acid-Producing Bacteria in a Weaned Piglet Model.
Clostridium butyricum is known as a butyrate producer and a regulator of gut health, but whether it exerts a beneficial effect as a dietary supplement via modulating the intestinal microbiota remainsExpand
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Dietary peroxidized maize oil affects the growth performance and antioxidant status of nursery pigs
Abstract This experiment was conducted to evaluate the effects of increasing dietary levels of peroxidized maize oil on growth performance and antioxidant status of nursery pigs. Weanling barrows (nExpand
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Dietary Corn Bran Altered the Diversity of Microbial Communities and Cytokine Production in Weaned Pigs
Corn bran (CB) has been used as an ingredient for pigs, but the underlying mechanisms that improve gut health is less clear. This study was conducted to investigate effects of dietary CB on growthExpand
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