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Storage of boar semen.
The problems, aspects and methods of liquid storage and freeze-thawing of boar semen are discussed and a review is given on examination of spermatozoa by the recent fluorescent staining methods.
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Viability assessment of mammalian sperm using SYBR-14 and propidium iodide.
The proportion of living sperm in semen from six representative mammals was assessed by means of a dual staining technique using the stains SYBR-14 and propidium iodide (PI). SYBR-14, a newlyExpand
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Sex preselection in rabbits: live births from X and Y sperm separated by DNA and cell sorting.
Intact, viable X and Y chromosome-bearing sperm populations of the rabbit were separated according to DNA content with a flow cytometer/cell sorter. Reanalysis for DNA of an aliquot from each sortedExpand
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Sex preselection: high-speed flow cytometric sorting of X and Y sperm for maximum efficiency.
Sex preselection that is based on flow-cytometric measurement of sperm DNA content to enable sorting of X- from Y-chromosome-bearing sperm has proven reproducible at various locations and with manyExpand
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Sexing mammalian sperm for production of offspring: the state-of-the-art.
  • L. Johnson
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  • Animal reproduction science
  • 2 July 2000
Predetermination of sex in livestock offspring is in great demand and is of critical importance to providing for the most efficient production of the world's food supply. With the changes that haveExpand
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Assessment of spermatozoal function using dual fluorescent staining and flow cytometric analyses.
Spermatozoa from bulls, boars, dogs, horses, mice, and men were examined using a fluorogenic stain consisting of the membrane-permeant substrate carboxyfluorescin diacetate (CFDA) and the relativelyExpand
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In vitro production of sexed embryos for gender preselection: high-speed sorting of X-chromosome-bearing sperm to produce pigs after embryo transfer.
The objectives for the present experiments were to apply sperm sexing technology to an in vitro production system with porcine oocytes obtained from slaughterhouse material. On six experimental days,Expand
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Chlortetracycline analysis of boar spermatozoa after incubation, flow cytometric sorting, cooling, or cryopreservation
In this study, the effects of staining procedure with chlortetracycline (CTC) and method of analysis of boar spermatozoa after staining were examined. The hypothesis that incubation, flow cytometricExpand
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Development of a culture medium (BECM-3) for porcine embryos: effects of bovine serum albumin and fetal bovine serum on embryo development.
Media are available that can deliver modest porcine embryonic development from a single-cell zygote to the blastocyst stage. However, few embryos develop to hatched blastocysts by Day 7 in vitro,Expand
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