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The pharmacological characterization of a novel selective 5-hydroxytryptamine1A receptor antagonist, NAD-299.
The pharmacological properties of a novel selective 5-hydroxytryptamine1A (5-HT1A) receptor antagonist, NAD-299 [(R)-3-N,N-dicyclobutylamino-8-fluoro-3,4-dihydro-2H-1-benzopyran-5-carboxamideExpand
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Anti-arthritic effect of methotrexate: is it really mediated by adenosine?
The mechanism of action for the anti-arthritic effect of methotrexate (MTX) was investigated in rats with antigen-induced arthritis (AIA). Arthritis intensity was quantified as area under the curveExpand
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The use of the guinea-pig lung parenchyma preparation in studies of the beta-adrenoceptor adenylate cyclase system.
  • L. Johansson
  • Chemistry, Medicine
  • Journal of pharmacological and toxicological…
  • 1 September 1992
The binding, adenylate cyclase activation, and functional effect of four beta-adrenoceptor agonists were studied in the guinea-pig lung parenchyma preparation and the results were compared with thoseExpand
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Is there any evidence of beta 1-adrenoceptors mediating relaxation of guinea-pig lung parenchyma?
We tried to find functional evidence for the existence of beta 1- and beta 2-adrenoceptors in the isolated guinea-pig lung parenchymal strip preparation, using potent and selective beta 1- and betaExpand
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The role of Mg2+ on the formation of the ternary complex between agonist, beta-adrenoceptor, and GS-protein and an interpretation of high and low affinity binding of beta-adrenoceptor agonists.
In the absence of GTP or its analogues, the beta-adrenoceptor agonist (H), the receptor (R) and the stimulatory guanine nucleotide-binding regulatory protein (GS-protein) form a slowly dissociableExpand
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Beta 2-adrenoceptor selectivity in four series of beta-adrenoceptor agonists.
We studied the effect of two catechol and two resorcinol series of beta-adrenoceptor agonists on isolated papillary (beta 1-adrenoceptors) and soleus (beta 2-adrenoceptors) muscles preparations fromExpand
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An analysis of the beta 2-adrenoceptor selectivity in three series of beta-adrenoceptor agonists.
The aim of the study was to analyse the beta 2-adrenoceptor selectivity earlier found in two series of catecholamines and one series of resorcinolamines (Johansson et al. 1986). The affinity of theExpand