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Traditional forest knowledge of the Yi people confronting policy reform and social changes in Yunnan province of China
The Yi minority group has a long history, and their livelihoods and culture exist in complex, holistic interrelationship with forests. This paper aims to document the dynamic, traditional forestExpand
Understanding indigenous knowledge in sustainable management of natural resources in China: Taking two villages from Guizhou Province as a case
Abstract This paper documents two ethnic groups (The Dong of Zhanli Village and the Buyi of Guntang Village in Guizhou Province, China) who use traditional knowledge in managing natural resourcesExpand
Efficient production of high-molecular-weight hyaluronic acid with a two-stage fermentation
In this paper, the production pattern of hyaluronic acid (HA) was revealed: the chain growth of HA mainly occurred in the first half of fermentation while the product accumulated throughout theExpand
Contextualizing Forestry Discourses and Normative Frameworks Towards Sustainable Forest Management in Contemporary China
SUMMARY The paper reviews China's forestry discourses and normative framework, providing contextualization of China's forestry norms and legislation, and considers how they were produced via theExpand
Traditional forest-related knowledge and sustainable forest management in Asia
Considering the level of degradation of natural resources in Benin and the need of local communities to preserve traditional medicine practices, 41 traditional botanical gardens have been created, which constitutes a great opportunity for the development of this initiative. Expand
Stability analysis of cantilever retaining wall with FEM
Based on shear strength reduction finite element method, the influence of width of heel plate and toe plate, uniform load, height of retaining wall, parameters of filling on stability of cantileverExpand
Fracture behavior of diamond films deposited by DC arc plasma jet CVD
Abstract In the present study, two types of diamond films with a diameter of 123 mm were deposited by DC arc plasma jet chemical vapor deposition (CVD) operating in the gas recycling mode. These twoExpand
The mechanical enhancement of chemical vapor deposited diamond film by plasma low-pressure/high-temperature treatment
Abstract Direct-current (DC) arc plasma jet has been utilized to anneal chemical vapor deposited (CVD) polycrystalline diamond produced by the same device. Intense heating pulses around severalExpand
Effects of oxygen-to-argon ratio on crystalline structure and properties of Y2O3 anti-reflection films for freestanding CVD diamond
Abstract Y2O3 anti-reflection films were deposited on freestanding chemical vapor deposited (CVD) diamond substrates by radio frequency magnetron sputtering. The effects of oxygen–argon ratio onExpand