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The recent versus the out-dated: : An experimental examination of the time-variant effects of online consumer reviews
Conventional wisdom suggests that the most recent online reviews may have a greater impact than out-dated online reviews on consumers’ purchase decisions because of their up-to-date nature. However,Expand
Designing Service Guarantees With Construal Fit
This article examines the influence of temporal distance on consumer responses to different types of service guarantees. Four studies revealed that the effectiveness of service guarantees depends onExpand
The effects of service quality management practices on customer satisfaction
  • L. Jin
  • Business
  • Proceedings of ICSSSM '05. International…
  • 13 June 2005
This research is to examine the impact of service quality system on customer satisfaction and reuse intentions in hotel service industry. Expand
Exploiting the goldmine: a lifestyle analysis of affluent Chinese consumers
Purpose – The objective of this paper is to investigate the lifestyles of contemporary Chinese affluent consumers and their influences on a number of consumption variables such as brand preferenceExpand
Step by step: Sub-goals as a source of motivation
Abstract The present research explores the shifting impact of sub-goals on human motivation as individuals move closer to goal attainment, and attributes this shift to the changing source ofExpand
When does a Service Guarantee Work? The Roles of the Popularity of Service Guarantees and Firm Reputation
Despite substantial research on service guarantees in the literature, little study has examined how the popularity of service guarantees (SG) in a particular industry affects the effectiveness ofExpand
Climbing the Wrong Ladder: The Mismatch between Consumers' Preference for Subgoal Sequences and Actual Goal Performance
When pursuing goals that involve subgoals of varying levels of difficulty, consumers prefer to follow a difficult-to-easy sequence when completing the subgoals because they believe that such aExpand
How parents’ social comparison orientation influences children’s decision in a public goods game
Frequent social comparisons can not only influence parents’ well-being but also spill over to their children’s development through intergenerational influences within the family. Using data from ch...
Process & Outcome Satisfaction Scales
Mobile internet and cloud computing promotes the development of electronic health record
This article summarizes the concept of electronic health records, the problems it faces and how the mobile internet and cloud computing can promote the development of EHR. Expand