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CEO compensation, diversification, and incentives
This paper examines the relation between chief executive officers’ (CEOs’) incentive levels and their firms’ risk characteristics. I show theoretically that, when CEOs cannot trade the marketExpand
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Intercultural Learning via Instant Messenger Interaction
This paper reports on a qualitative study investigating the viability of instant messenger (IM) interaction to facilitate intercultural learning in a foreign language class. Eight students in aExpand
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Computer-mediated peer response in a level-iv esl academic writing class: a cultural historical activity theoretical perspective
Very few studies focus on how English as a second language (ESL) students’ agency and their unique histories as an integral part of the social cultural environment influence his or her participationExpand
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Learning achieved in structured online debates: levels of learning and types of postings
The purpose of this study was to examine the learning process exhibited in restrained online debates in terms of to what extent each of Bloom’s six levels of cognitive learning were exhibited amongExpand
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Constructivism-Application in Oral English Teaching to Non-English Majors
Abstract: Constructivism holds that the primary responsibility of the teacher is to create and maintain a collaborative problem-solving environment where students are allowed to construct their ownExpand
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Evaluating the effect of public health intervention on the global-wide spread trajectory of Covid-19
As COVID-19 evolves rapidly, the issues the governments of affected countries facing are whether and when to take public health interventions and what levels of strictness of these interventionsExpand
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Does Ethnicity Pay? Evidence from Overseas Chinese FDI in China
Most of the economic analyses of the overseas Chinese network focus on trade and investment flows at the country level. In this paper, we analyze the effects of the ethnic Chinese network at the firmExpand
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The relationship between alexithymia, hostile attribution bias, and aggression
Abstract Prior studies found a positive association between alexithymia and aggression. This study extended existing findings by adopting a subdimensional approach to investigate the uniqueExpand
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