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THE IMPACT OF CLIMATE CHANGE ON COFFEE IN UGANDA Lessons from a case study in the Rwenzori Mountains
Coffee is a major cash crop in Uganda, but research shows that the smallholder farmers who produce 90% of it could have their already vulnerable livelihoods made more vulnerable by climate change.
3D‐visualization and analysis of macro‐ and meso‐porosity of the upper horizons of a sodic, texture‐contrast soil
The lower E and upper B horizons of sodic, texture‐contrast soils are a formidable barrier to most annual and many perennial crops. The research presented here is part of a wider study into the
Cocoa agroforestry is less resilient to sub‐optimal and extreme climate than cocoa in full sun
Promoting shade cocoa agroforestry as drought resilient system especially under climate change needs to be carefully reconsidered as shade tree species such as the recommended leguminous A. ferruginea constitute major risk to cocoa functioning under extended severe drought.
Water repellence and soil aggregate dynamics in a loamy grassland soil as affected by texture
It has been hypothesized that aggregate stability is partly caused by subcritical (i.e. mild) water repellence. We conducted both a field study at a pasture site and an incubation experiment in the
Characterization of cocoa production, income diversification and shade tree management along a climate gradient in Ghana
The results showed that current mean cocoa yield level in the dry region was significantly lower than in the mid and wet regions with mean yields of 712 and 849 kg ha-1 yr-1, respectively, which highlights the need for optimum shade level recommendation to be climatic region specific.
Integrating local knowledge with tree diversity analyses to optimize on-farm tree species composition for ecosystem service delivery in coffee agroforestry systems of Uganda
Coffee agroforestry systems deliver ecosystem services (ES) critical for rural livelihoods like food but also disservices that constrain livelihoods like fostering coffee-pests. Since such ES are