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Antiferromagnetic critical point on graphene's honeycomb lattice: A functional renormalization group approach
Electrons on the half-filled honeycomb lattice are expected to undergo a direct continuous transition from the semimetallic into the antiferromagnetic insulating phase with increase of on-site
Compatible orders and fermion-induced emergent symmetry in Dirac systems
We study the quantum multicritical point in a (2+1)-dimensional Dirac system between the semimetallic phase and two ordered phases that are characterized by anticommuting mass terms with
Critical behavior of the (2+1)-dimensional Thirring model
We investigate chiral symmetry breaking in the (2+1)-dimensional Thirring model as a function of the coupling as well as the Dirac flavor number Nf with the aid of the functional renormalization
Deconfined criticality from the QED3 -Gross-Neveu model at three loops
The QED$_3$-Gross-Neveu model is a (2+1)-dimensional U(1) gauge theory involving Dirac fermions and a critical real scalar field. This theory has recently been argued to represent a dual description
Magnetization processes of zigzag states on the honeycomb lattice: Identifying spin models for α − RuCl 3 and Na 2 IrO 3
We study the field-induced magnetization processes of extended Heisenberg-Kitaev models on the honeycomb lattice, taking into account off-diagonal and longer-range exchange interactions, using a
Topological mott insulator in three-dimensional systems with quadratic band touching.
We argue that a three-dimensional electronic system with the Fermi level at the quadratic band touching point such as HgTe could be unstable with respect to the spontaneous formation of the
Heisenberg-Kitaev physics in magnetic fields.
The recent advances in understanding the field responses of materials that are described by models with strongly bond-dependent spin exchange interactions, such as Kitaev's celebrated honeycomb model and its extensions are reviewed.
Critical behavior of the QED 3 -Gross-Neveu model: Duality and deconfined criticality
We study the critical properties of the QED$_3$-Gross-Neveu model with $2N$ flavors of two-component Dirac fermions coupled to a massless scalar field and a U(1) gauge field. For $N=1$, this theory
On the Phase Structure of Many-Flavor QED${}_3$
We analyze the many-flavor phase diagram of quantum electrodynamics (QED) in 2+1 (Euclidean) space-time dimensions. We compute the critical flavor number above which the theory is in the