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Rpi-vnt1.1, a Tm-2(2) homolog from Solanum venturii, confers resistance to potato late blight.
Despite the efforts of breeders and the extensive use of fungicide control measures, late blight still remains a major threat to potato cultivation worldwide. The introduction of genetic resistanceExpand
The genetic characterisation of stripe rust resistance in the German wheat cultivar Alcedo
Stripe rust resistance in the German winter wheat cv. Alcedo has been described as durable, the resistance having remained effective when grown extensively in Germany and Eastern Europe between 1975Expand
Solanum mochiquense chromosome IX carries a novel late blight resistance gene Rpi-moc1
Screening of a large number of different diploid Solanum accessions with endosperm balance number (EBN) 1 revealed segregation for strong resistance and sensitivity to Phytophthora infestans inExpand
Histopathology provides a phenotype by which to characterize stripe rust resistance genes in wheat
The expression of the resistance phenotypes of QPst.jic-2D and QPst.jic-4B, two quantitative trait loci (QTL) for stripe rust resistance in wheat cv. Alcedo, were assessed relative to plant growthExpand