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A comparison of three measuring methods for estimating the saturated hydraulic conductivity in the shallow subsurface layer of mountain podzols
Abstract Saturated hydraulic conductivity (Ks) is a key input parameter for modeling water flow in soils. Well-established methods exist, but there is no methodological standard or benchmark. ThisExpand
Impact of rainfall intensity on the hydrological performance of erosion control geotextiles
The impact of erosion control geotextiles on the surface runoff from slopes is quite variable and depends strongly on site-specific conditions (soil characteristics, slope morphology, climate, etc.),Expand
Application of co-composted biochar significantly improved plant-growth relevant physical/chemical properties of a metal contaminated soil.
It is demonstrated that the addition of biochar into the composting process can hasten the stability of the resulting compost-char, with more favourable characteristics as a soil amendment/improver than compost alone. Expand
Assessment of evaluation methods using infiltration data measured in heterogeneous mountain soils
In order to obtain infiltration parameters and analytical expressions of the cumulative infiltration and infiltration rate, raw infiltration data are often evaluated using various infiltrationExpand
The layering of a mountain podzol can strongly affect the distribution of infiltrated water in the soil profile
Abstract The layering of the soil profile can influence the accumulation of infiltrated water and the way in which subsurface runoff is formed. This paper examines a mountain podzol characterized byExpand
Biochar presence in soil significantly decreased saturated hydraulic conductivity due to swelling
Abstract The application of biochar on two contrasting soils was tested in order to assess its effects on soil hydraulic properties (SHP) and study the interaction between water and the biocharExpand
Manifestation of spatial and temporal variability of soil hydraulic properties in the uncultivated Fluvisol and performance of hydrological model
Abstract The aim of this study was to document the spatial and temporal variability of soil hydraulic properties (SHP) present in an uncultivated soil formed by fluvial sediments (Fluvisol in ourExpand
The effectiveness of jute and coir blankets for erosion control in different field and laboratory conditions
Abstract. Vegetation cover is found to be an ideal solution to most problems of erosion on steep slopes. Biodegradable geotextiles (GTXs) have been proved to provide sufficient protection againstExpand