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What is Interactivity and is it Always Such a Good Thing? Implications of Definition, Person, and Situation for the Influence of Interactivity on Advertising Effectiveness
Abstract Most perceptions of interactivity are that it is an inherently good thing, that it will change marketing and advertising as we know it. However, though there are obvious and intuitiveExpand
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Media Consumption and Perceptions of Social Reality: Effects and Underlying Processes
I opened this chapter in the second edition of Bryant and Zillmann’s Media Effects series with the same quote. I retained it for this updated volume because it still rings true, despite someExpand
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The Influence of Individualism, Collectivism, and Locus of Control on Environmental Beliefs and Behavior
This study investigates the influence of value orientations measured at the individual level (individualism, collectivism, and locus of control) and of economic status on environmental beliefs andExpand
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The recycling of solid wastes: Personal values, value orientations, and attitudes about recycling as antecedents of recycling behavior
Abstract Using a structural modeling framework, this study investigated the relationships of personal values, value orientations, and attitudes about recycling with the frequency of recyclingExpand
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Psychological Processes Underlying Cultivation Effects Further Tests of Construct Accessibility
This study tested whether the accessibility of information in memory mediates the cultivation effect (i.e., the effect of television viewing on social perceptions), consistent with the availabilityExpand
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Processing strategy moderates the cultivation effect
This study tested the hypothesis that processing strategy moderates the effect of television viewing on social perceptions (cultivation effect). One hundred twenty-two male and female studentsExpand
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Buyer Characteristics of the Green Consumer and Their Implications for Advertising Strategy
Abstract The authors construct a psychographic profile of the green consumer in terms of variables directly related to purchase behavior, such as price consciousness and general care in shopping,Expand
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A Dual-Process Model of Interactivity Effects
Although interactivity is often considered to have a positive influence on persuasion, research on interactivity effects is actually very mixed. This paper argues that under certain circumstances,Expand
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The Role of Television in the Construction of Consumer Reality
This article presents the results of a two-study inquiry into a particular type of consumer socialization: the construction of consumer social reality via exposure to television. In study 1,Expand
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Assessing the Social Influence of Television
Cultivation effects are discussed and assessed within the context of mental processing strategies. Specifically, an information-processing perspective is taken to illustrate how television viewingExpand
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