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function: An analytic solution for spaced frequency, position, and time
An analytical expression for the two-frequency, two-position, two-time mutual coherence function applicable to propagation through thick random media with nonuniform electron density and plasmaExpand
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Personal-computer-based system for real-time reconstruction of the three-dimensional ionosphere using data from diverse sources
[1] We present new capabilities of our system for monitoring the ionosphere over a fixed geographical area with dimensions of the order of several thousand kilometers. The system employs a nonlinearExpand
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Focusing in the stationary phase approximation
A method for calculating focusing in the stationary phase approximation is presented. By considering variations of Hamilton's equations a set of equations is obtained which, by integration along aExpand
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A power law power spectral density model of total electron content structure in the polar region
[1] Measurements by the early warning radar at Thule, Greenland, together with GPS measurements from the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) Ionospheric Measurement System (IMS) receiver, have beenExpand
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Real‐time reconstruction of the three‐dimensional ionosphere using data from a network of GPS receivers
We present a system that processes phase and group delay time series from a network of dual-frequency GPS receivers and produces a dynamic ionospheric model that is consistent with all the input data. Expand
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Multiple phase screen calculation of wide bandwidth propagation
[1] This paper presents results from a two-dimensional multiple phase screen (MPS) calculation that computes numerical realizations or sample functions of the electric field after propagation throughExpand
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Salpeter equation in position space: Numerical solution for arbitrary confining potentials
We present and test two new methods for the numerical solution of the relativistic wave equationExpand
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Generalization of ionospheric tomography on diverse data sources: Reconstruction of the three-dimensional ionosphere from simultaneous vertical ionograms, backscatter ionograms, and total electron
An ionospheric reconstruction method is developed that is capable of simultaneously utilizing information from all possible sources of ionospheric measurement. We describe the method and demonstrateExpand
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Assimilation procedures for updating ionospheric profiles below the F2 peak
[1] This paper describes and compares two real-time assimilative ionospheric models, with an emphasis on their ability to provide accurate profiles of the electron density below the peak of the F2Expand
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Inversion of backscatter ionograms and TEC data for over-the-horizon radar
[1] Over-the-horizon radar (OTHR) uses ionospheric reflection to propagate HF transmissions to long range (∼500–5000 km). The ionosphere acts as a dynamic “mirror” that varies diurnally, seasonally,Expand
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