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Intestinal Absorption of Vitamin B12 in Humans as Studied by Isotope Technic.∗
Summary The scintillation measurements of the hepatic uptake of C060-B12 following its oral and parenteral administration to 20 normal humans, indicate that the efficiency of intestinal absorption ofExpand
Radioactive vitamin B12 in the liver. I. Hepatic uptake of Co60B12 in liver disease.
Results of addition of liothyronine to a weight-reducing regimen.
The effectiveness of liothyronine as part of a weight-reducing program was investigated in a number of obese patients who were taking a standard 1,000-calorie diet. A preliminary study established 75Expand
Effect of yogurt with prune whip on constipation.
1. A mixture of Prune Whip and Plain Yogurt has been prepared and administered to one hundred ninety-four (194) institutionalized, chronically ill patients with an average age of 71.6%. Of theseExpand
Aneurysm of the pulmonary artery
Abstract 1. 1. A statistical survey has been made of the clinical and pathologic features of 111 cases of aneurysm of the pulmonary artery in which the diagnosis was confirmed by autopsy. 2. 2. SomeExpand