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A naturalist of the Northern Enlightenment: Peter Forsskål after 250 years
Peter Forsskal is noteworthy for his early writings in philosophy and politics and for his outstanding contributions to the botanical and zoological knowledge of the Middle East, specifically Egypt and the Arabian Peninsula, principally Yemen. Expand
‘A Practical Skill that Was Without Equal’:Carsten Niebuhr and the navigational astronomy of the Arabian journey, 1761–7
Carsten Niebuhr was the astronomer/cartographer for the Danish expedition to Arabia in 1761–7. He established the practicality of Tobias Mayer's lunar distance method for determining longitude, whichExpand
State Service in the Eighteenth Century: The Bernstorffs in Hanover and Denmark
Few noble families in modern Europe have had such a consistent record of political service as the Bernstorffs. Between the eighteenth and the twentieth centuries, they have served in government atExpand
Agrarian reform in eighteenth-century Denmark