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'I am not the kind of woman who complains of everything': illness stories on self and shame in women with chronic pain.
In this study, we explore issues of self and shame in illness accounts from women with chronic pain. We focused on how these issues within their stories were shaped according to cultural discoursesExpand
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Toward a Sociology of (Gendered) Disgust
Based on a reinterpretation of 105 relations between the elderly and their adult children, this article discusses incontinence as a social and cultural phenomenon. Social norms and cultural symbolsExpand
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Transnational Spaces of Care: Migrant Nurses in Norway
This article argues that international nurse recruitment from Latvia to Norway is not a win–win situation. The gains and losses of nurse migration are unevenly distributed between sender and receiverExpand
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Global Care Crisis
More and more of the world's migrants are mothers who leave their families in the villages of the South to take up jobs caring for families in the North. Most current research on this trend focusesExpand
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Masculine dignity and the dirty body
Cultural perceptions about what masculine dignity is seem to imply a gender-specific regulation of clean and dirty areas in care work. The significance this may have for the division of labourExpand
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In search of moderators of sex differences in forced-choice jealousy responses: Effects of 2D:4D digit ratio and relationship infidelity experiences
In this study, we examined how jealousy responses in men and women were affected by 2D:4D digit ratio, a correlate of prenatal testosterone exposure, and actual infidelity experiences using theExpand
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Local loops and micro-mobilities of care: Rethinking care in egalitarian contexts
This introduction to the Special Issue Local loops and micro-mobilities of care: Rethinking care in egalitarian contexts argues for the importance of analysing local organizations of care. This is aExpand
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Global care crisis: Mother and childs-eye view
An increasing proportion of the earth’s population — 180 million people — move each year from one country to another. An increasing proportion of these migrants are women (Castles and Miller 1998,Expand
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Egalitarian ideologies on the move: Changing care practices and gender norms in Norway
This article explores the complexities and ambiguities in Norwegian families’ interaction with the public childcare system. Public childcare is a cornerstone in the ‘double dividend’, that is, socialExpand
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