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Semi-dry thermophilic anaerobic digestion of the organic fraction of municipal solid waste: focusing on the start-up phase.
The paper concerns the results of a pilot-scale study of the simulation of the start-up phase of the thermophilic semi-dry anaerobic digestion of the organic fraction of municipal solid wastes. TheExpand
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Trust as moderator in the relationship between HRM practices and employee attitudes
The study contributes to the debate in the HRM literature by examining the role of trust in management in moderating the effect of HRM practices on employee attitudes. The novelty of the study liesExpand
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Effect of sludge age on a performance of a meembrane bioreactor. Influence on nutrients and metals removal.
In this paper the effect of different SRT on the performances of an ultrafiltration pilot MBR operating with real wastewaters was tested to analyse both the ability of the system to remove nutrientsExpand
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Denitrification potential enhancement by addition of anaerobic fermentation products from the organic fraction of municipal solid waste.
The aim of this study is to demonstrate the denitrification potential enhancement determined by the addition of the anaerobic fermentation products from the organic fraction of municipal solid wasteExpand
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Biological nutrient removal wastewater treatments and sewage sludge anaerobic mesophilic digestion performances.
The paper deals with the performances of the mesophilic anaerobic digestion treatment of sewage sludge from a full scale BNR process without primary settling (nominally 300,000 PE). A relationExpand
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Membrane bioreactor processes: a must for the wastewater treatment plants of the Lagoon of Venice.
A pilot scale experimentation of a membrane bioreactor has been progressing since 1999 at Fusina-Venice wastewater treatment plant. Results showed that the limits introduced by Law Decree 30 JulyExpand
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Integration of wastewater and OFMSW treatment cycles: from the pilot scale experiment to the industrial realisation – the new full scale plant of Treviso (Italy)
The paper presents the results from experiments on pilot scale plants concerning the possibility to integrate the organic waste and wastewater treatment cycles, using the light organic fractionExpand
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Do external careers pay-off for both managers and professionals? The effect of inter-organizational mobility on objective career success
The emphasis on the notion of boundaryless careers has stimulated a growing research interest in the relationship between inter-organizational mobility and career success. The present study exploresExpand
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